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March 31st, 2019

My name is Monica an Adult Escort Girls and I’d been existing in Sydney for a year now and it was time to return to England, so the day sooner than I flew back Amber had organized a night out for me with a few acquaintances to say valediction.

I indoors early on and stood at the bar talking to the lovely looking barman. I’d been on the beach all day and I felt good, my skin was glowing. As soon as Amber arrived he was all over her even if. I needn’t have worried that he wasn’t interested in me though because I was about to have a very sexy night whit that Adult Escort Girls!

Quickly one and all had arrived and we were position around chatting with a few drinks in the sultry summer heat and Amber introduced me to Helen. We got onto the subject of bikinis and tit size and she said to me ‘I’ve for ever and a day been a big girl’ and it was at this point I realised that I was staring at her large breasts which were bursting out of her silk blouse and just happened to be at my eye level. She caught me looking and I felt quite scratchy.

Well a good night was had by all but Amber got unbelievably drunk, so me, Amber and Helen all wrecked up in a taxi. Amber was moaning that she sought after the barman to go down on her. ‘You’re resting in the spare room when we get back’ said Helen ‘and Monica is sleeping with me’.

Well I was a morsel full aback by this as I had designed on going to my flat to get some sleep as I had a flight to catch the subsequent evening.

‘I can’t stay I’m scared. I’ve got to pack tomorrow!’ I speedily replied.

‘No way man’ said Helen. ‘Come reverse and have a drink, it’s your most recent night’.

Well subsequent to a bit of persuasion I strong-willed to give in and didn’t really imagine too a large amount on the subject of it.

With Amber at ease tucked up in bed, Helen poured us both a bulky gin and tonic and bowed to me and said bluntly.

‘I actually wish for to kiss you Monica. Have you ever kissed a female? I saw you looking at my tits when we primary met and sought you in a straight line gone.’

Glowing the react was no but I had well thought-out it. Then sooner than I could do whatever thing I found myself in a profound French kiss with her. My pussy unexpectedly began to flood with exhilaration and I originate myself reaching round and stroking Helen’s arse.

Fucking suck my tits’ she thought in my ear as she giggled. So she raised her arms and I pulled her chemise over her head as I constant to kiss her. I walked surrounding in the rear her and took a good look at her from head to toe from behind and kissing her neck and stroking her soft back. I undid her bra and gently massaged her fantastic large breasts from behind, grinding my pussy against her big arse. I went round in front of her again and started sucking her massive velvet soft nipples one at a time then I squeezed them together and licked and nibbled both at once. By now Helen was moaning and she ran her hands up the outside of my thighs, under my loose summer dress and squeezed my soft buttocks. She pulled aside my little knickers and began rubbing my clit and pushing three of her fingers in and out of my very wet cunt. It was heaven sucking her tits but I wanted more so I undid her skirt which dropped to the floor and pulled down her silk knickers and soon I was on my knees gently licking my first ever clit. It was fucking delicious! I kept on eating her pussy for another ten minutes and then we got onto the bed and I had my first ever girl on girl 69. I straddled her face and felt her divine tongue delving right inside my hot pussy as I sucked and licked and fingered her freshly waxed cunt.

Helen suddenly began to shudder and came as I continued to suck her juices. I lay down on the bed next to Helen and we continued kissing and massaging each other and legs wide apart, rubbing our hot wet cunts against each others. Then Helen pulled out a pink, double headed dildo from under the bed and inserted into my horny hole. I was on the verge of cuming and Helen straddled me and inserted the other end of the dildo inside her as I played with my clit. Within seconds I was cuming too as Helen sucked on my tits.

Fuck that’s good’ I sighed as Helen started going down on me yet again. I orgasmed again and Helen was busy sucking up my juice and she started telling me that her boyfriend would be arriving in the morning and would want a piece of my arse as well if I was up for it.

Well by now I was up for anything and in the morning Helen’s boyfriend arrived just when I was on all fours with my tongue jammed into her cunt and my arse was in the air facing the door. ‘So this is the nice piece of English arse’ he said as he ran his finger up my wet cunt and over my arsehole and up my back. I looked up and he ran his hands through my long hair and started french kissing me. He took off his clothes and started kissing Helen and then just as Helen was cuming from all my tongue work he got behind me and started licking my arsehole and then slid his huge cock inside my cunt and with his hands on my tits began fucking me and moaning wildly. Helen turned around and put her head underneath my cunt and started licking my clit and his cock as it slid in and out of me. I exploded with pleasure as his spunk shot inside me.

Helen and I started kissing again and her boyfriend watched us and it wasn’t long before he was rock hard again so I started licking and sucking his cock, taking it right down into my throat until he was on the verge of coming and then I got him to fuck Helen so I could lick up both their juices.

As we all lay on the bed there was a knock at the door. It was Amber looking a bit hung over and wearing just a thin t-shirt. ‘I can’t believe I missed all the fun’ she moaned as she walked over to the bed. I had to have her pussy as well so I got up and sat on the edge of the bed and without saying anything put my hands on her hips and pushed up her t-shirt and got my tongue straight into her cute little, bald snatch and made her cum within a couple of minutes. We laid Amber on the bed and all sucked and fucked her for a couple of hours after that and then unfortunately I had to leave to pack my bags but I flew home to England with the newly aquired taste of pussy still on my tongue. Who knows what I’d get up to in London!

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